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Organisational development
Project management
Intercultural communications
Consulting, training, moderation
Dialogue Coaching
Partners in the partnership of professionals
Co-operation partners

Consulting, training, moderation

We offer the conception and implementation of personnel development and further education measures for and with the involvement of our clients. In addition to knowledge transfer and behavioural training, we recommend to have the implementation in corporate or working contexts monitored. The distribution of training units over a period of several months also provides the chance to reflect implementation experience and overcome the often suffered break between everyday work and training situation.

Consultancy, coaching
A manager also proves his authority by asking for assistance with difficult issues in order to obtain additional views and options. Even though the loneliness of the decision-maker cannot be eliminated, monitoring by an experienced personal coach provides the means for joint reflection and running through all available options in a familiar environment – a privilege of individual consulting.

Moderation and mediation
In many decision-making and review circumstances, neutral moderation by outsiders is an essential prerequisite for ensuring the involved parties’ readiness to come to an understanding and gain acceptance. Moderators working in intra-company contexts are always required to balance out staff-oriented empathy and confrontation in order to enforce company interests. This task can only be fulfilled by methodical (moderation working techniques) and social authority as well as knowledge of group dynamics.
It may be useful for achieving acceptance and designing change processes to integrate the employees’ ideas and potential in large contexts. Although such large group approaches require special moderation know-how and cautious preparation, they release an enormous amount of energy.
There is no getting around conflicts in co-operation. But in case they escalate, it is hard to use them as an opportunity. Mediation as a conflict management method may help to perceive different views through a non-committed person and overcome deadlocked patterns of action.

Our domains of experience with regard to the aforesaid:
- conception and holding of training courses with regard to the following subjects: managers (changing role, team leadership, staff interviews), communications (channelling a talk, convincing arguments, intercultural communications), process design (project management, conflict management, moderation and presentation, self-management, time management, team development);
- coaching of managers for changed professional rules;
- holding of future search conferences (with large groups);
- team development workshops;
- mediation of conflicts in co-operation.