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Organisational development

We monitor our clients’ organisational development processes, subject to the given requirements and context, from initial diagnosis and individual events to impact review. Our approach is in this connection based mainly on the following basic understanding:

Organisational development involves those affected. Acceptance of the need for clarification and reorientation is the basis of development configuration. Conflicts of interest may be used constructively and decision-making processes designed in real terms by deliberately relating substantive rationale with relation dynamics. The respective bases are:
- the application of sociological findings in the planning, implementation and evaluation of change processes;
- commitment to a conception of man in line with humanistic psychology;
- the setting of as transparent goals as possible, involving to a large extent those affected;
- emphasis on learning by experience;
- emphasis on the process (i.e. "how” is as important as "what”);
- emphasis on systemic thinking (i.e. thinking in networks rather than in simple cause-and-effect chains).

Our domains of experience with regard to the aforesaid:
- reorganisation of membership organisations;
- implementation of quality management in social firms;
- monitoring of restructuring measures in the insurance business;
- preparation and monitoring of projects featuring the implementation of integrative data processing applications.