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Project management

We qualify project managers and staff at home and abroad and provide project consultancy from preliminary planning to final workshop. Within the scope of international development co-operation, we realise feasibility studies, planning workshops and evaluations locally, with the involvement of local partners. Many years of experience in the implementation of projects in Latin America and Africa provide the background for our conscious dealing with intercultural aspects of project work.

Today, project work is a matter of importance with all areas of work. The pressure for innovation, interdisciplinary co-operation and budgetary control in particular make project management (PM) an inevitable mode of working. This does, however, not imply that PM is always successful or popular with all those concerned. It is mainly the pressure for results accompanied by the need for time, cost and quality optimisation and increased co-ordination efforts which often conceal the benefits of creative work contents and modes of working. Many project staff members have to find their bearings in several projects running at the same time, or must at least harmonise project work and "normal work”, often resulting in conflicts or additional work.

In order not to jeopardise the opportunities inherent in project work, the motivation for collaboration and the efforts taken with regard to the professional implementation of a project, there is hardly any sense in attaching the "project” label to every workgroup, special task or even additional work. This is a discouraging experience for those concerned and thus spoils the opportunity of gathering positive experience from a forward-looking mode of work. Since there are less and less standardised long-term processes based on the division of labour, project work will become increasingly important, whether with regard to production, services or public administration. The ability to change rapidly as well as customised solutions for customers and co-operation in interdisciplinary teams will decide on the future viability of many organisations.

Subject to the size and complexity of a particular task, successful project management requires, in addition to knowledge of planning and control methods, in particular know-how in leadership and co-operation. Project experience often shows that the project management’s leadership and management abilities are key to project success or failure.

Our domains of experience with regard to the aforesaid:
- implementation and monitoring of international development co-operation projects;
- implementation and monitoring of change projects within the scope of organisational development;
- conception and holding of project management instruction and training courses at home and abroad.